Tiktalik VPS

We provide flexibility and reliability through the use of cutting edge technology. Our goal is to eliminate any problems with the infrastructure allowing you to focus on coding and business.

What is included?

Entirely server equipment

We exclusively use proven server technology: Dell servers, Intel Xeon processors, RAM with ECC error correction. Standard line is equiped with SSD cashing.

Stability and security

We provide SLA availability of 99.9% for the virtual servers and network access. In case of unavailability, we offer discounts depending on the duration of the failure.

Hourly billing

We charge all VPS server operations on an hourly basis. You can start a test version of the service for a minimum fee, or run a powerful machine to process large amounts of data faster.

Guaranteed resources

Each virtual server has guaranteed resources: computing power of the CPU, RAM and disk space - always when you need them.

Bandwidth up to 100 Mbit/s

Each virtual server gets a bandwidth of 100Mbit/s to an external network and an enormous limit of 2TB for monthly tranfer included in price.

System images

Our cloud servers use Xen virtualization. We have a large selection of Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Centos.

Why Pro?

Tiktalik VPS Pro is the highest quality Polish cloud server! Through the use of SSD drives and reducing the amount of servers on each mother server we guarantee unparalleled performance and speed.


Thanks to using only SSDs, our VPS Pro servers are able to process a much higher amount of IOPS than VPS Standardpartially running on hard disk drives. SSD technology allows databases to function constantly without any intermissions and makes data access faster.


Each Pro line virtual server receives a guaranteed 100Mbit/s bandwidth to the Internet and a free monthly limit of 2TB of transfer.

By limiting the number of virtual servers on one mother server we only sell existing resources and we can guarantee the highest quality and reliability of our services.


We exclusively use Intel Xeon E3-1230, which allow our servers to achieve the highest CPU performance - up to 4 times higher than Tiktalik VPS Standard - and 100% reliability. Tiktalik VPS Pro runs on modern technology and ensures the security of your data and the continuity of operations.

Personal data

You can entrust us with the processing of personal data by sign an agreement and start a service operating on the customer data in full compliance with GIODO.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the CPU power assigned?

CPU performance is directly proportional to the size of the instance: we assign 50% of one core per VPS Unit.

Can I run game servers on your VPS?

Yes, we allow you to run any game servers on all of our VPS servers and guarantee the offered resources.

How do I connect to my VPS server?

We provide two methods of connection: remote desktop client available in the Panel and through pre-installed on each instance SSH.

Do instances share any common disc space?

Instances Pro benefit from SSDs directly pinned to the mother server. Instances Standard use Tiktalik BlockStore technology.

How long does it take to start a VPS server?

After you make the paymet, we provide the option to create new instances. Starting a new server takes less than 90 seconds.

How many public IP addresses can an instance have?

One instance can have a maximum of one public interface with a one public IP address. We do not sell additional IP addresses.

Can I change the size of the instance?

Changes in the size of the instance are made in the Panel. Note, however, that an instance can be enlarged, but can not be reduced.

Can I change the operating system to another?

Yes, in our Administration Panel you may remove and create instances operating on a system selected from the available options.

Are VPS server resources guaranteed?

Yes, the amount of RAM, CPU and disk space are guaranteed. We only sell existing resources.

Do you perform a backup of my data?

We provide a quick and easy option of creating a backup of all your instances and store the images of your VPS. We recommend you create your backups often.