Load Balancer

Handle high traffic, scale your application horizontally and make it more reliable thanks to redundant VPS servers and Tiktalik Load Balancer.

The Benefits of Tiktalik Load Balancer use

High availability

Distributing your application with Tiktalik Load Balancer will protect it from various types of failures and availability problems. Splitting traffic to many machines means your users will never experience maintenance downtime.


Monitor traffic on your machines and react by adding or removing nodes depending on the load. Additionally in case of a node failure, traffic to it will automatically be halted and also automatically resumed after restart.

While we were creating Tiktalik Load Balancer we had in mind giving highest level of availability and security for your application. Thanks to this service your application will be easily scalable and resistant to errors and failures.

How Tiktalik Load Balancer works?

Step 1

Starting Load Balancer

Start your application server just like you intend it to serve normal traffic. Duplicate it to a few instances. Create a Tiktalik Load balancer and point it at your application servers.

Step 2

Configure a domain

Point your domain's DNS at your Load Balancer's CNAME displayed in the interface.

Step 3


From now on all user connections will be distributed between active application servers. You can add or remove old servers at any moment. Should one of your servers fail, traffic will not be sent to it and users will stay unaware of the breakdown.