Tiktalik Pricing

Flexible billing plans dependent only on the growth of your company!

Tiktalik VPS Standard

per hour (excl. tax), or about per month (excl. tax)
for a fast VPS!

Tiktalik VPS Pro

per hour (excl. tax), or about per month (excl. tax)
for a fast VPS with directly attached SSDs!

Plans include

Guaranteed 99.9% SLA

Directly pinned discs

Easy server management

Hourly billing

Simple backup

Guaranteed RAM

Tiktalik Files

Unit Price excl. tax Price incl. tax
Request 10K requests 0.02 PLN 0.0246 PLN
Storage 1 GB/month*
1 GB/hour
0.08 PLN
0.000112 PLN
0.0984 PLN
0.000138 PLN
Incoming data transfer 1 GB 0.00 PLN 0.0000 PLN
Outbound transfer 1 GB 0.15 PLN 0.1845 PLN

* Price of storing "1 GB / month" is the approximate amount calculated as the hourly rate *24h *30 days and varies depending on the number of days in a month.

Other prices

Price excl. tax Price incl. tax
Prepaid funds return for prepaid accounts 3.25 PLN 4.00 PLN

Frequently Asked Questions

If I turn off my instance, will you stop billing me?

No, it will still take funds from your Prepaid wallet. It is because your instance still has allocated hard drive, processor, RAM and IP address.

How to avoid paying for not operating instances?

To avoid paying for a not operating instance, you have to stop it, create backup and remove it. Your instance can be restored at any time.

What form of payments do you accept?

All transactions are powered by DotPay. We accept credit cards, wide range of wire transfers and cash payments.

How do I cancel my account?

To completely remove an account, Contact us.

What happens if I run out of funds in my PrePaid wallet?

The instance will be stopped, and after 3 days, if the account is not recharged, ​​backup will be made and the instance deleted. Backup will be stored for a month.

Do I have to pay for VPS installation??

No, You are billed only after instances successfull instalation and boot.

How to choose between monthly and hourly billing?

All instances are billed hourly. The monthly prices are assessed with the assumption, that each month has 720 hours (30 days).

How often do you charge my PrePaid wallet?

Accounts are billed every hour - charges for resources used are collected on an ongoing basis as long as the instances are active and wallet charged.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, to get a refund please Contact us. refund will be reduced by the transfer fee in accordance with the pricing.

How soon after payment will my balance update?

DotPay is responsible for the speed of transactions. It usually takes several minutes, but may take longer - up to 1 day.

Do I have to pay for each new instance?

Yes, but all instances have hourly billing - that is, to create a testing instance just for a few minutes, the fee will only be 0.01 PLN.